December 10, 2014

34 Week Update

34 Weeks!!!

We are out of blue gatorade mix!! Seriously sound the alarm. A trip to target is in the near future. I have been thirstily chugging water and fluids like it's my full time job this week. Also I'm diggin the Christmas treats. But that's really every year...

Meh. I need some. I'm basically dreaming of the days when I'll be able to run full speed and play soccer again. Right now I mostly exercise by cooking food and going up the stairs because I forgot my phone on the bed. Mmmmm effective.

How I'm feeling:
Pretty good overall. I can't really complain as I'm mostly just tired. I've started noticing that I don't feel super great after eating a big meal. And also that the "nesting" thing seems to go to the wayside when I get home after a crazy day and just want to sleep. Maybe sleeping in a nest of pillows and blankets counts as nesting? Hopefully that will kick in soon though because the to-do list is starting to feel insane!

What is baby up to?
Baby is the size of a butternut squash. Apparently. The largest butternut squash in all the land because have you ever seen an 18inch butternut squash? Maybe they are taking vegetable measurements from the state fair archives or something. Also he's squirmy per usual, and having fun waking me up in the middle of the night. I'm pretty sure he's gonna be an active little dude.

I'm counting down the days left (7. Which includes two Fridays when I get to wear jeans and a spirit shirt. So more like 5) until Christmas break when I can wear my favorite sweatpants and sweatshirts attire. I still have stuff to wear it's just starting to feel all the same. Also I have one jacket left that zips up so staying indoors in sweats sounds like the good life.

To Dos
I cant think about them right now. There are many. But slowly chipping away at them with the help of T is getting it done. Mostly he chips away while I address envelopes. For days.

Here's to hoping these updates aren't boring anyone to death yet!


December 5, 2014

Friday has arrived!

The best part of Fridays is recapping all the stuff that you managed to pack into your week, isn't it? Ok, so maybe it's the binge watching netflix or trying out the new downtown restaurant. But being able to look back and say "shwew!" is pretty sweet too.


T got started on the mantle that I've been pestering him about for way longer than is considered endearing. I can't wait to have it up for stockings!

The holiday season commenced with some peppermint hot cocoa + whipped cream + red sprinkles. Because holiday.

I'm learning to embrace the crazy that is inevitable for third trimester. (It is inevitable right? If not, share your secrets!)

With some slammin' holiday sales I'm thrilled to have started some knitting this winter! There's something about snuggling on the couch with the countdown until Christmas in your head that makes knitting oh that much more fun!


What were you up to this week? Anything exciting?! This weekend starts the non-stop cookies/eating/friends/gifting that comes along with December. I'm so excited, I say bring it on!


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December 3, 2014

Using Leftovers: All That Stuffing!

You know what I'm talking about. That large container of stuffing sitting in the back of your fridge because you just knew you needed to triple the recipe because stuffing is so. dang. good.

Except now you have triple the leftovers.

Breakfast Casserole
All your leftover stuffing (I had about 5 cups, adjust accordingly)
5 eggs
1c shredded cheese (or more if you want it super cheesy!)
1-2c milk

Preheat oven to 375F
1. mix your stuffing with half of the cheese
2. place in greased baking dish
3. whisk together the eggs and milk (or cream, depending on what you have left)
4. Pour egg mixture over stuffing, top with the rest of the shredded cheese
5. bake 34-45 minutes, until casserole no longer jiggles in the middle.
**the milk amount changes depending on how dry your stuffing already is. You can always add more on top of the whole casserole (before baking it) if you notice the bread is soaking up all the liquid. You want it to be kindof like a totally soaked sponge before putting it in the oven)

My stuffing already had bacon and tons of seasoning in it. However, feel free to make this more "breakfasty" by adding breakfast sausage, bacon, etc. For me, the ease of the recipe is key, no need to get fancy!



December 2, 2014

33 Week Update

Ha! This is the most hilarious picture to me. There were a few others where the lighting was better, you couldn't see the cords all over in the background, I wasn't covering up the whole tree, and I managed to not look like a crazy person. But you know what? Sometimes I kindof feel like a crazy person. And let's be real, the iron and sewing machine are still out over in there corner so here you have it. Lauren in real life.

Wait, I'm how far along!?
33 weeks. Like thirty plus three. Less than eight weeks left, eeeeee!

Blue gatorade. It's the most excellent thing that has ever been invented. For real.

I'm pretty proud of myself here. While my fitbit is still begging me to reach 10,00 steps at some point in my life, I did go on the "annual family 5k turkey trot" on Thanksgiving. And I've been working hard to still go on the dog walks and sometimes even walk him myself. Considering that I mostly want to just sit with my feet propped up all day, I consider this an improvement. Oh! And I went to the gym this past week. Shwew!

How I'm feeling.
That nesting thing? In the movies and when people talk about it, it seems so innocent and nice. Like, "oh! I organized the closet for baby!" or "oh! I cleaned all the bathrooms and was so productive".   All lies. Apparently nesting for me is needing to sew burp cloths and baby accessories for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT. Seriously. At this point I'm contemplating opening an etsy shop or something because it was insane. I basically want to sew all the things. Now ask me if I washed a single dish or bathroom sink...

Evidence of burp cloths;
because, yes, my baby needs TMNT and fishing burp cloths (the flowery ones are for a different top secret project. Hopefully that momma doesn't happen to stumble upon this exact post). Maybe this will make it up to T for all the cleaning I haven't been doing in this lovely "nesting" stage.

Ummm... basically I wear sweatpants all day e'erday when I'm home. Otherwise? I'm still fitting in the capsule wardrobe. It starting to feel a bit meager, but I think part of that is the serious cold weather mixed with the dire laundry situation I have going on. Like, I should really do it because I'll probably feel like my whole world is bursting with clothing choices again.

What is baby up to?
Apparently he's the size of a durian. This is a stinky fruit, I think. I also think that we are reaching the stage where they just throw out random large fruits knowing that there is one out there somewhere that is 18 inches and up to 5.5 lbs. But he is super active lately, and loves to wake me up in the middle of the night because he's being squirly. I figure I should get used to it. Also, doc is predicting a long baby. So that's fun. Side note: does anyone know how the doctors predict these things? Can they teach me their baby-locating and sizing ways? He definitely just looks/feels like a crazy squirmy little many who could be any which direction, to me...

Baby to dos
Put together stroller
Put together pack and play
put up shelves in nursery
finish the thank you notes (I only have 5 left and then to address envelopes!!!!)
put up pegboard in nursery
go to ikea
prep-wash all clothes and blankets
back a hospital bag (eep!)

Happy Tuesday!


December 1, 2014

Using Leftovers: Crescent Rolls and Cranberry Sauce

I gotta be honest, I love making turkey pot pie and grilled turkey paninis and bbq turkey pizza and turkey chili after Thanksgiving has passed. But its the odds and ends that I never know what to do with. Like the 10 crescent rolls that didn't get eaten and are sitting in a ziplock on top of the microwave. Everyone knows you can't microwave a crescent roll and expect it to be even half as tasty as fresh out of the oven. And the cranberry stuff sitting int he fridge, starting to separate. Whoops, no one is eating that either.

Enter bread pudding. I'm using the term lightly here, because I'm sure there is some official recipe for bread pudding. But regardless of, you know, rules and recipes, I'd say this is pretty delish.

Cranberry Orange Bread Pudding (using your turkey day leftovers)
10 old crescent rolls (or dinner rolls)
2 heaping tablespoons of cranberry sauce
2 tablespoons butter, melted
1/2c orange juice
1/2c heavy cream (or buttermilk, or milk, or half and half, use what you have left!)
4 eggs 
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4cup of sugar

Preheat oven to 375F
1. Break up your rolls into pieces, and mix together in a bowl with your cranberry sauce and melted butter. Stir well to get it evenly coated. You could always add more cranberry sauce if you feel like you want more, too!
2. Place the crescent roll mixture into a buttered baking dish (about the size of a loaf pan)
3. Mix together the rest of your ingredients, until sugar has dissolved, then pour over your crescent rolls.
4. Bake at 375F for about 35-45 minutes, until it doesn't jiggle in the middle when you move it.
5. Enjoy!

Seriously, alter this as much as you want! Are you trying to use up all the cranberry sauce?? Double your recipe and use some bread in addition to the crescents. Did you serve biscuits that are leftover? Or dinner rolls? Use them! Hopefully, if nothing else you'll be inspired to use up some of those

It might not be much to look at, but I can assure you, the soft pillowy goodness is totally there. 

Happy Monday! (And also happy first day of December! What the what?!)


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November 18, 2014

Fun Contoured Burp Cloths

You guys. I am SO thrilled with these burp cloths.

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I basically wanted every single baby fabric that there was to offer at Joann fabric. Before I even knew if we were having a girl or a boy I picked up both of the fabrics above. I figured, hey! I like sauces, so that totally works for girls, too. I'm so glad I went with both of these! The sauce fabric is freakin adorable (and hopefully Tim will feel better wearing some saucy burp clothes in the future) and the chevron fabric is something I will enjoy wearing and taking "out" with baby.

For this project I used the fun fabric, pre-fold diapers (these are just the Gerber brand, they come in large packs of ten at target and online), and the pattern that Deby from So Sew Easy shared, and simply elongated it a bit.

After tracing the pattern onto the fabric, I cut it out and pinned it face side down on each prefold diaper. I sewed the two together, making sure to leave a small opening in order to turn it out after trimming off the excess pre-fold fabric.

Above you can see my stack of burp clothes, trimmed, before folding them right side out. The last thing I did (after folding right side out!) was top stitch all the way around, making sure to carefully fold in the fabric to stitch together at the opening.

What do you think? I'm super excited to have some unique burp clothes that are a little more contoured than just a plain rectangle. I can't wait to make more of these for friends who are expecting babies of their own soon (and maybe a few more for me, too)!

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still being molly

November 17, 2014

31 Weeks

How far along: 31 weeks

How I'm feeling: Starting to feel much more large and in charge around here! There are certain things that all of a sudden I realize I have trouble doing. Other than just the general discomfort that goes along with large and in charge-ness? Feeling pretty good! I've definitely been feeling overwhelmingly grateful for my friends and family as my husband patiently talks pros and cons of obscure baby items and baby Huber gets showered with love over and over. 

Foodzzzz: Blue gatorade. All day e'er day.

Exercise: Pretty much the same as before. I would say slightly above average, but definitely not where I was pre-pregnancy. I'm very much looking forward to going on a nice run after baby is born. (Which lets be real, will be less on the nice side and more on the ridiculously ugly side)

Clothes: Still happy with the capsule wardrobe. That being said, I can tell that I'm gonna need a new piece or two in the next few weeks...

What I'm looking forward to: The holidays!! I'm so excited for Thanksgiving plans and holiday crafts and decorating and all the holiday things! Have you started your Thanksgiving menu yet? It's basically what I think about 50% of my days lately.

What is baby up to: baby is a pineapple this week! Shwew! And he is enjoying taking up as much space as possible! Still continuing with some sweet dance moves and also what seems like more hiccups, too.

The to do list
Put together stroller
Put together pack and play
Put together bassinet
Write thank you letters (at least started!)
Get started on some shelving in nursery
Get started on my dream pegboard project in the nursery

Down to the single digit weeks left, now, hoorah!

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